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We have completed upgrading our system for better and faster on-line experience with the web portal. One of the new features we have added is to identify the customer type of your orders. This will allow you to understand your customers group better for business strategy or other purpose. 
The customers are categorized into 6 types (based on first shipped-to address):
1. Contractor (e.g. ABC Construction S/B)
2. Hardware (e.g. ABC Hardware Enterprise)
3. Trading (e.g. ABC Trading S/B)
4. Store (Distributor Own Store/Warehouse)
5. Ready Mix (e,g. ABC Concrete Sdn Bhd)
6.  Industrial User
You are only required to identify once upon keying in the selective types of customers for the first time, subsequent orders to the same customer will be defaulted. 
We sincerely hope for your cooperation to make this new initiative successful by entering the appropriate and correct customer type into the system. Please do not hesitate to contact our sales executive or coordinators should you have any enquiry.
Thank you and have a nice day.